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The original SoundPost- Owned and run by Brian Cohen and Jane Walters: a violin and guitar shop located in Guildford, Surrey, UK. Established in 1972, we have been in our current premises since 1997. We are makers of fine stringed instruments, and agents for many specialized and unique quality items. We invite you to browse this site, to find out more. Enjoy.

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Arcus Bows, from Brian Cohen Violins:

Reasons to Purchase your Arcus bow from Brian Cohen Violins, at SoundPost:

Arcus Carbon Bows - A Sound Investment

Since the development of the "modern" bow, almost two hundred years have passed. Many things have changed since: We rarely play with pure gut strings any more and also use a chinrest and shoulder rest. We also play in much larger halls. Of course, the music has changed too, the Impressionists and Modern Music demand ever more from today's musicians. But also Baroque music and Classic has come back to the stage, and for all these different styles the relatively heavy and still sometimes too soft "romantic" bow is just not quite the right tool.

The perfect bow should not be much heavier than a baroque bow. Bach, Vivaldi and also Mozart, Schubert or Mendelsohn demand a fast, but at the same time elegant style, which is almost impossible to achieve with a heavy bow. There's not only the inertia of the bow, but also the relatively slow response which can hamper the crisp articulation asked for. Until now the problem has been that all light bows are too soft to pull the necessary power out of instruments to fill a large hall with sound and also allow a strong execution of double stops.

The Pernambuco tree is an endangered species, the 'first growth' dense wood as used by the old masters is vitrually extinct, and trading the wood is strictly limited. During the last century the search for alternative materials was on, but the results have not been very convincing. Either the bows would be even heavier, or the sound or resiliency were lacking. In carbon fibre Arcus have found the ideal material, but to use it to its best effect it requires a rather intricate technology, a complete understanding of the underlying physics and plenty of highly skilled workmanship.

A major difference from the Arcus bows to wooden bows lies in the much higher resiliency or stiffness. In combination with the somewhat lower weight this results in improved vibration characteristics of the stick and consequently in the instrument. But, as all bows are entirely handmade and the structure of the material is heterogeneous, they all have their individual character and resonance quality. As this varies in a wide range, we classify our bows accordingly. Still, instruments have a different sound and players different preferences about the feel of the bows.

What is the cause for a tired bow arm after some hours of playing? Or why does the thumb or elbow hurt? Arcus have identified the source of these problems in the vibration of the bow stick: Low frequency vibrations. Their frequency is not audible for us, but correlates with resonances in hand and arm. Arcus bows are tuned much higher and avoid these dangerous frequencies completely. For many players an Arcus bow has solved their problems for good. In addition, the non-slip surface of the stick and their light weight allow the player to hold the bow with great ease. All combined, you can play with an Arcus bow in a much easier and more relaxed style than with any other bow.

If you're looking for a better sound, then Arcus bows should be on your list to try!

Because Arcus bows are different from traditional wood bows, we strongly suggest that to help you get the most from your bow you read the the following   Hints and Tips for Use

30 Year Warranty

The shaft of your Arcus bow is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 30 years after its manufacturing date. The tip plate, frog and button are warranted for 2 years after the initial purchase date. Because the hair, thumb leather, winding, screw and eyelet are subject to normal wear and tear they are excluded from any warranty.

All warranty claims are processed through the original seller of the bow. Failing this, directly through Arcus. If you prefer to go directly to Arcus please get in touch with them for shipping instructions and detailed information about the circumstances of the product failure and damage.

The warranty is valid only under normal playing conditions. Should a bow get damaged under other circumstances, please get in touch with Arcus for the replacement of the stick or other parts at a special rate, which they may offer at their own discretion.

Any and all warranties, written or implied, are void with any alterations to the bow, especially any attempt at changing the curve or camber of the stick. Any damage done to the shaft or frog during rehairs are also excluded from the warranty.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have the correct amount of hair used on your bow as this changes the playing characteristics.
When you have your Arcus bow rehaired, please make sure that your rehairer follows the Arcus rehair guidelines which can be found on the Arcus website.
The Arcus hair gauge which we hold in stock will ensure you have exactly the right amount of hair on your Arcus bow. £35.75 inc VAT

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