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Instruments from SoundPost

We stock and supply new and antique stringed instruments. If you are a complete beginner, or want to upgrade your existing instrument, then we may have something suitable for you. We also make on the premises violins, violas, cellos, ( all with the exclusive 'lifetime warrantee') and we stock antique instruments, all suitable for professional use. All our instruments are fully guaranteed, and have been set-up for optimal performance and checked in the workshop.

General Information on our Stringed Instruments

We offer full size violins, violas, cello, in a range of qualities, from beginner use right up to professional level. We offer part-exchange, and guarantee to 'buy back' if trading up. We offer full warrantee on all instruments sold from our shop, and offer a 2 week approval period subject to 'Terms and Conditions. All instruments are set up to ensure maximum ease of playing and tonal optimization, and the student instruments are 'improved' ie they have best quality strings fitted, better bridges, better accessories, better set-up. The handmade new instruments and high quality antique instruments are all fitted with only the very best fittings and strings.

Buying and learning a musical instrument is a gift for life, never to be forgotten, and a skill that can be used in many social circumstances throughout life. They require no electronics, no batteries, no computer, and their is good evidence to show that it improves learning skills in other areas, for example memory, mathematics and other subjects. By acquiring an instrument, although seemingly an expensive initial investment, ( although it need not be) and embarking on instrument lessons, you equip yourself or your child with a most valuable 'life-skill'. Adults too can gain from the same benefits. You are never too old to learn or begin. Come in and try out an instrument for yourself. In these changing times, it has become obvious that many of the older traditional values and skills are more necessary than ever, and real 'hands-on' music of all types is going through a resurgence right now. At SoundPost, we understand this only too well, and have always operated on traditional time- proven values, with emphasis on a most personal service at all times.

We also give priority to repairs and service for customers who purchase from us, and include an annual 'health-check' for your instrument, free. We also give free insurance valuations for all instruments purchased from us. Our personal service is 'second to none', and there are not many who can match our 45 years of professional experience.

SoundPost is a specialist stringed instrument shop- the 'original SoundPost' established in 1972. We offer sales of new and antique stringed instruments, from beginner and advanced student quality up to top professional instruments. We also stock and sell many and various accessories, some unique to SoundPost. We are a real 'bricks and mortar' shop, not just a 'cyber-shop', so you can visit by appointment to try the instruments or bows in person, and we offer an 'approval period' for most instruments and bows (subject to terms and conditions). We invite you to take advantage of our expert knowledge of instruments, some of which are listed on the website, or our 'sister' site, SoundAntiques . We also present the fine handmade instruments by Brian Cohen, a luthier of international reputation in both violin and guitar making. Also British makers from the 18th C, 19th C and 20th C, including Furber, Barratt, Walmsley, Luff, Richardson, Pyne, Chanot, Withers, Hill, Atkinson, Wulme-Hudson, Hardie, Voller Bros, and others. We also stock French, German and Italian instruments. Please enquire for detailed information.

Private Treaty sales: We now offer for sale via 'Private Treaty' various selected instruments, and these are indicated at the time of sale. Part-exchange cannot be extended to these instruments which are being sold on behalf of the owner. We are actively looking for high quality instruments for clients, and this scheme may be the ideal way to bring buyers and sellers together: click Here for Terms and Conditions

Visitors to the studio are welcome, by prior appointment only: Details , directions times, are all on the 'Contact' page.