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Welcome to SoundPost

The original SoundPost- Owned and run by Brian Cohen and Jane Walters: a violin and guitar shop located in Guildford, Surrey, UK. Established in 1972, we have been in our current premises since 1997. We are makers of international repute for fine stringed instruments, and agents for many specialized and unique quality items. We invite you to browse this site, to find out more. Enjoy.

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SoundPost Cello Cases:

We stock only selected models of high quality branded cello cases, all made in the EU. These are : Hiscox, Accord, ( BAM to special order only) Our knowledge of cases is detailed, after 44 years experience, and we are happy to advise you on the suitability of any case. Many low-priced budget imported cases are often of inferior quality, and we will no longer supply these type of cases.

November 2016 Special Offer: BAM Cello case On special offer now, one only BAM 'Classic' cello cases: Red without Wheels. SRP is around 465, on offer now, at 385 incl VAT, plus courier delivery at our cost price. This price offer applies only to this one case.

Cello Case Backpacks:

Flight Case Hire for Cello

We stock the Fiedler ' Sans Souci', for outright purchase at £1200 incl. VAT or weekly hire. This is a immensely strong carbon fibre flght case, which packs down into suitcase size ( made in 3 sections for easy storage and lower 'empty' freight costs), has wheels, handles, secure latches, and will fit any cello case. Available for hire at minimum £49 per week, plus a daily 'pro rata' rate thereafter, plus VAT, and a returnable deposit of £300 plus VAT. Customer to pay for courier freight out and return freight. Book early to ensure availablity. For full information, photos, weights etc, visit the website at: Fiedler Cases and Products.

It has come to our attention that a survey on cello cases on another website has highlighted many shortcomings, problems, faults and complaints about most cello cases now available- the writers of this 'research' do not sell cases, and the survey in our view is biased and not representative- and in many cases, the 'facts' as stated are simply not true- they are based on a small pre-selected sample of individuals who have little direct knowledge of the cases, while we at SoundPost are perfectly placed to assess all cases, having had the most experience of most brands in the UK. We can say here and now, that Accord, BAM , Hiscox, Winter in particular are fine cases, fit for purpose, they can be repaired if handles or catches etc break, ( as can happen on any product if mis-used,) all carry full manufacturers warrantee ( Accord for 3 years), and at Soundpost we can repair broken handles, catches, and fit backpacks, feet, and additional handles and wheels if needed ( only to cases originally sold by us however). We can also send any case back to the maker ( if it cannot be repaired 'in house' ) if a fault does develop, which is very rare. We challenge the findings of this survey, and would like to re-assure all our customers that our branded cases are all carefully chosen for quality.( We do not sell the cheaper unbranded cases, for the simple reason that those are in fact of inferior quality and represent poor value for money). Please ask us for an honest assesment of the quality of any case- even if we do not stock it, we are always happy to give you genuine experience-based advice.

SoundPost is a specialist stringed instrument shop- (we are the 'original Soundpost')- established since 1972. We stock and sell from the shop or via mail order, or from this website, a range of quality cases for many types of instruments, many of which are listed on the website. Our product knowledge and experience is second to none. We have sourced internationally many special products, including carbon fibre products, and stock and sell only high quality 'branded' products.

Agencies: We are agents for many fine cases: Accord Cases , Premier dealer and stockist), Hiscox, BAM (UK principal stockist and direct importer), Musafia, Winter, Fiedler cello flight cases and other Fiedler products,

Please Note: Our prices include VAT- many other apparently cheaper prices advertised do not always include VAT, so when making comparisons, bear this in mind please. ( VAT is currently 20 % in the U.K.- buyers outside the EU can deduct this from the advertised purchase price, calculated by taking 1/6th ths off the total price). Our prices do not include delivery- we usually offer courier service, but please confirm 'all-up'price before making payment- we charge delivery out at our cost, packing free. We also offer tax-free shopping for overseas personal customers. We ship world-wide. Please visit our 'Terms of Trade' page for further details.

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We do not stock unbranded cases of inferior quality- nor do we use 'made-up' names for our case models- the reason this is sometimes done by others is purely to confuse the buyer, and mask the true pricing, making it impossible to compare prices easily. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for- this site is the new re-designed SoundPost simplified site, so if you do not find it easy to use, please contact us and say so- we will try to improve it- your feedback will be welcomed.

We try to hold all the products listed in stock- (We are the only UK shop to hold Accord cases in stock for example). However, there are times when a particular model or colour is 'sold out' and stock delivery may vary from time to time- some cases, especially those of BAM which are notoriously in short supply, can take many months to come back into stock- however we are pleased to be able to offer a priority waiting list in these instances. We are also able to order as a 'special' any case that the manufacturers offer. eg Musafia, where almost all models are done to order only, and for viola cases where many are made only to pattern. We can also offer custom artwork for all Accord models.

Not all products we stock are listed on the site however- so if you do not find what you want, call and ask- we may well have it, or know where to get it and can order for you. We are always pleased to discuss and advise, and give you the best advice on the case most suitable for your application. Opening times and all contact details, directions etc. on our 'Contact' page.